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At Efftronics, our values form the nucleus of our culture. Our culture has been carefully developed to preserve the team environment and help us keeping an eye on our futuristic visions and growth

Values are a critical component of our culture. In fact, VALUES are a common thread that connects the entire organization and keeps us as one.

Value For Creativity:

Demonstrate Innovation, creativity and new ideas.
Seek continuous self-improvement and be a constant learner.

For adhering to the above value of ours, we follow a policy where creative ideas are suitably rewarded and the employee improves himself with suitable individual training programs

Respect All:

Respect our Clients, Suppliers & fellow employees.
Support other employees, not Faults.

In sync with this value, all our employees have a uniform dress code wherein all are treated as equal and almost all the employees have a direct interaction with the clients and involved in planning meetings to stress the importance of our clients.

Leadership: Inspiring Others

Lead by example, encourage others to take ownership.
Use collective wisdom to get to the best solution.
Give success to team, take personal responsibility for failure.

For this, the various training programs identify individual employees with leadership skills and train them to further improve upon their leadership capabilities thus transforming individuals into leaders.

The above stated values increase the level of INTEGRITY in the organization which is our main aim. These values propagate integrity which

Enable all the employees to work without a hidden agenda.
Assume responsibility and be accountable for their actions.
Make practical & realistic expectations and meet commitments & deadlines.

To conclude, these values have been and will continue to be the key success factors for Efftronics.