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Research & Development (R & D)

Efftronics systems Pvt. Ltd. is a knowledge-driven company. Our continuous investment in Research & Development (R&D) activities has enabled us to develop innovative processes, products and technologies. By pioneering new ways of collecting and managing information and knowledge, we have strengthened and extended our R&D activities to diverse areas. The company has vast expertise in comprehensive design, development, assembly and testing of microprocessor / micro controller systems for diverse interfaces and applications from the concept.

Designs and Implements

Single CPU Architecture

Key features:

  • Controls 25,600 digital outputs, at 20 millisecond refresh rate.
  • Scans 4096 digital inputs at 16 millisecond rate for monitoring and processing.
  • Distributed systems, in different hardware configuration, over network in real time control applications.
  • Data Communication and networking of the systems over the span of 350 Km distance for around 40 numbers of real time data acquisition systems for front-end 24/7 application.
  • Systems design with types and combination of networking topologies.
  • CPUs, Data communication and other drivers for different environments like Railway Electrified area, along the tracks with high temperature and induced electro magnetic noise levels, industrial, high density traffic roads etc.
  • System designs with modern CPUs MOTOROLA 68000 & 68008, Intel 8085 & 8086 and 8051 core micro controllers. CPU adoption and design in optimum time on application need.
  • Designs with many interfaces like different type memories, peripheral Integrated Circuit (ICs), Real Time Clock Integrated Circuit (ICs),Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC),Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) etc.
  •  Serial bus ( I2C) interfaces are applied in demand of design.
  • Logic families and Integrated Circuit (IC) packages for power consumption, speed and other considerations.
  • Glue circuits and stand alone combinational and sequential machine designs with Programmable Array Logic (PALs),Programmable Logic Device (PLDs)  etc.
  • User interfaces with numeric and alphanumeric keypads, PC keyboards, LED and LCD modules
  • Data and system power backups.
  • Data communication interfaces with RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Current Loop, MODEM,Radio Frequency (RF) MODEM and Power MODEMS.
  • Parallel port / printer interface.
  • Modular analog measurement design with Voltage to Frequency circuits with the accuracy level less than 1% with isolated channels for AC and DC ranges.
  • Voice and Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) using Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital converters.
  • Interface of other systems like Global positioning system (GPS), SMART card reader, RF devices, Telecom devices etc.

Multi-Processor Architecture

Key features:

  • Timing and I/O requirement constraints solved by multi-processor architecture design with more CPUs.
  • Supervisor and slaves’ model.

2 out of 3 CPU Architecture

Key features:

  • High degree safety and integrity level systems.
  • Fail safe and redundant applications.
  • Independent computing channels.
  • Inter processors data communication.
  • Final output by hardware decision-making.

PCB Design

Key features:

  • In house PCB designing with software from PADS SOFTWARE Inc.
  • Skilled and dedicated team in modeling and designing of printed circuit boards with single, double, multi layer.
  • Daughter board, motherboard designs in industrial Euro rack style.
  • A library consisting of thousand PCB designs.
  • Design sizes varying from small to large with high degree of alignment and accuracy.