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Variable Message Signage (VMS)

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are one of the key elements of dynamic traffic management systems. Depending on the traffic situation, VMS inform, warn, and guide the motorists on highways, expressways and arterial roads of cities by displaying route /rerouting information, warnings (accidents, congestions), toll rates and special information.

Efftronics VMS works reliably without being affected even at high environment conditions and can be offered as text sign as well as monochromatic, bicolor and full color graphical displays.


  • Proven track record of 10+ years product working life.
  • Expertise in designing and manufacturing for various communication networks like GPRS, Ethernet, GSM etc.
  • Supports all Indian languages and are according to UNICODE language standard.
  • Usage of high quality LEDs from grade A manufacturers like NICHIA / AVAGO etc.
  • Can customize for specific needs as required by transport authorities.

Salient Features:

  • High display stability and uniformity.
  • Reliable proven communication protocols.
  • The onboard firmware of the variable message sign provides diagnosis information and also reports any error status to the central system.
  • Use of constant current LED driver with static drive and restricting power dissipation with in safe limits of operation increases LED life time and reduces ageing effects and luminosity losses.
  • Brightness control from central place.
  • Easy to use image and message editor and download to variable message signs.
  • Configurable Scheduler to auto send information according to calender (day / date / day of week).
  • Addresses maximum of 256 displays in a network.
  • Sends SMS to configured mobile numbers in case of sign failures.
  • Easy access, quick and easy replacement of parts.
  • Reliable power supply and sign controller.

  • Technical Details:

     Light Source  High power diffused oval LEDs
     Board Matrix  96 x 208
     Interfaces  RS485/RS232, Ethernet IP
     3G/GPRS on request
     Languages  English, Hindi, Telugu
     Other Languages on request.
     Test Patterns  Different visual test patterns for LEDs and hardware checking.
     Content  General messages and monochrome images.
     Memory  In built 4MBytes Flash
     Brightness control  Manual & Automatic Intensity Control (Time based or Photo sensor based)
     Operating  conditions  Temperature -10°C to +70°C
     Humidity 10 - 95% Relative Humidity
     Power Supply  160-270V AC, 50Hz or 3 phase power supply
     Other ranges on request.
     Housing  Modular design principle in powder coated enclosure made of Mild Steel or  aluminium
     Mounting  Pole mounting (Standard , Cantilever)

    Connectivity Diagram:

    Connectivity diagram of Variable Message Signage

    Application Area:

    Applications Of VMS


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    • Pixel pitches - 10 / 16 / 20 mm
    • Color - 1Red 2Yellow, 2Red 1Green, 1Red 1Green, Full Color (1Red 1Green 1Blue).
    • Board matrix - any customized matrix.
    • In compliance with EN12966-1 standard.