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On-Line Distributed Appliance Control

On-line distributed appliance control is a system to control the electrical appliances distributed over a large area remotely from a central place.

This helps to save power and time of the user as the appliances can be controlled at any time with a click.



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Relay Control Unit:

  • RCU is the system which controls the home appliances from webpage via controller.
  • RCU system can be divided into three systems.
    • Power supply.
    • Controller card.
    • Relay termination.

Controller Card

  • This part of the system controls the home appliances on or off with respect user requirement.
  • This controller card controls the 16 relays which are drive the appliances.

Relay Termination PCB

  • In this block from relays to appliances are connected. It will work with a power supply of 230 volts so user can not touch this part before power supply off.

Server System:

  • Server system is responsible for communicating with RCU hardware to switch on / off the appliance.
  • Server system is having Database which stores the hardware configurations and Requests from users.


Client system should be in LAN. The Layout of the site is shown in web-page, so that any user can send request to switch on / off the appliance to the Server system.


  • Position of appliances according to the specified layout can be fixed.
  • Shows the present status of appliance(s) (On / Off ).
  • Selected appliances can be grouped for group wise appliances control.
  • Password protection for switching high prior appliances.
  • Time based automatic appliance(s) control can be done.
  • Special appliances can be blocked from non authenticated users.

Applicable areas:

  • Industries
  • Commercial building
  • Shopping malls
  • Offices
Applicable areas

User interface:

  • The User interface is through web-page. It shows the Layout of the site.
  • We can see different sites layouts by selecting the site name from the drop down box.
  • The appliances which are in On state will be displayed with bright image (Indicating ON) and which are in Off state will be displayed with the dark image (Indicating OFF ).
  • The appliance with Cross mark are blocked, those appliance can be operated with administrator rights.
  • Select the appliance (Single or multiple) and click ON button to switch on the appliance, after getting the On status from the appliance the status (Bright image ) will be shown.
  • Select the appliance (Single or multiple) and click OFF button to switch off the appliance, after getting the Off status from the appliance the status (dark image ) will be shown.

PC Specifications:

Server Configuration:

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3 GHz
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk 80 GB
Ports 2 Serial, 4USB
OS Bundled Windows 7 Professional 32 bit Downgrade to Windows XP (English)
Lan Card Kaspersky Antivirus
10/100/1000 with additional gigabit
Keyboard Standard Keyboard
Mouse Optical Scroll mouse
Monitor 19" Color TFT Samsung/BenQ or similar
Make IBM / HP
UPS EMERSON UPS ( 1KVA 30 Minutes Battery Backup)
Web Server IIS (Above V6.0)

Download Brochure

Download here
    Size: 485 kB