Electronics Manufacturing Services

Efftronics System Pvt. Ltd. provides Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) including PCB designing, Fabrication, assembling and testing.

Our Manufacturing unit spreads over 15,000 sq. feet.

We also provide end to end solutions including material procurement service to sub-assemblies to complete end product for customers globally. We are capable to meet IPC 610 and J-std standards.

For quality, we use tools like Just In Time (JIT), Kanban, six sigma etc., to optimize processes. Our employees are trained on 5S, Kaizen and Quality Management system (QMS) to improve the QCT (Quality, Cost & Time) of product and processes.

The PCB assembly includes following features

  1. PCB & Component sourcing
  2. PCB designing
  3. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) automatic pick & place
  4. Mixed Technology
  5. Ball Grid Array (BGA),Quad Flat NO-leads (QFN), Chip Scale Package (CSP), & 0402 package placement capability
  6. Test services
    1. Visual inspection
    2. Performance Testing
    3. Climatic Tests
    4. Insulation Tests
    5. High voltage tests
    6. Heat/ Cold/ Damp Tests
    7. Thermal cyclic Tests
  7. Electro-mechanical & Cable Harness assembly
  8. System Integration and testing
  9. Test tools Preparation

Why Efftronics?

We have 30yrs expertise in manufacturing different types of PCB assemblies.
We offer :
  • Design support
  • Low & high volume assembly
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Performance & life testing
  • On –Time deliveries
  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • Complied to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008
No. Equipment Description (Make)
1 Automatic pick and place machine (Mydata9)
2 Hot air Reflow oven (EPS 300)
3 Temperature controlled soldering (goot make)
4 Temperature controlled De-soldering Station (Oki)
5 Heat Test Chamber (Ultra Thermo)
6 Cold Test Chamber (Ultra Thermo)
7 Programmable Climatic Chamber (Eurotherm)
8 5½-Digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter (Keithley)
9 Chroma Meter (Konica Minolta)
10 Thermal Imager (Fluke)
11 Illiminance Meter (Konica Minolta)
12 6½- Digital Multi meter
13 Burst Generator (SCHLODER)
14 Surge Generator (SCHLODER)
15 Voltage Interruption Simulator (SCHLODER)