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Energy Information System

Energy information system logs the real time energy consumption information from various energy accountable areas and helps the controlling authorities for identification of Energy Conserving Opportunities.



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Energy Monitoring Module: Scans and calculates all phase wise energy parameters like Demand,Active Energy,RMS Voltage,PF,RMS Current and frequency and communicates the data scanned to the data logger for further processing.

Data logger: Collects the data from various EMMs and communicates the same to the central monitoring unit.

Central monitoring unit: Facilitates On-line monitoring and generates online/offline reports.


  • On-line power consumption information of the plant.
  • Information on different energy parameters graphically and textually.
  • Alerts on Maximum Demand Cross Over and Poor PF.

User interface:

User interface is through a centralized PC with various reports like

  • Load wise energy consumption report - Gives the consumption details of each load within the given stipulated time.
  • Shift wise energy consumption report - Gives the consumption details of all loads in user defined time interval.
  • Graphs report - Plots a line graph of all the electrical parameters like voltage, energy, demand, Power Factor for a given time interval.
  • Day wise demand comparison report - Compares the load wise demand data in a given time interval.

PC Specifications:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3 GHz
Memory : 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk : 250 GB
Ports : 2 Serial, 4USB
Optical Drive : DVD + /- RW with Dual Layer Write Capabilities
OS Bundled : Windows 7 Professional 32 bit Downgrade to Windows XP (English) ,
Kaspersky Antivirus
Lan Card : 10/100/1000 with additional gigabit
Keyboard : Standard Keyboard
Mouse : Optical Scroll mouse
Monitor : 19" Color TFT Samsung/BenQ or similar
Make : IBM / HP
UPS : EMERSON UPS ( 1KVA 30 Minutes Battery Backup)

Applicable areas:



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