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LED Signal Lighting Units For Main Signal

Efftronics LED Signals are designed for use in Multi Aspect Signaling schemes for Main Line. Signals are available in 110V AC, 125mm Diameter.

LED Lighting Unit Current Regulator Fuse Terminal Block


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LED Signal lighting Block diagram


  • High efficiency AllnGaP & InGaN LEDs, 4° - 10° viewing Angle with 600 meters visibility.
  • Constant uniform intensity over wide input voltage range typically 82 to 150 Volts.
  • Chromaticity as per BS 1376 Standard.
  • High Strength hermitically sealed units made in ABS material for better immunity.
  • Color coding of Shells as per Aspect color to prevent incorrect replacement of units.
  • MIL grade connectors used for interconnection for better reliability.

Design Compliance:

  • Product Compliance: Research Design Standards Organization. RDSO/SPN 153/2004 Rev4.1 (Draft)
  • Environmental: IS: 9000 (relevant clauses)
  • Ingress Protection: IP 54
  • Chromaticity: RED, GREEN Class ‘C’ of BS 1376; YELLOW Class ‘B’ of BS 1376
  • Safety: EN50129, EN50126, SIL-4

Operating Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
  • Operating Voltage: 110V ± 25%
  • Operating Current: 140 mA+ 10% -15% (rms)
  • AC Immunity: > 60V AC

Lamp Proving:

Compatible with traditional Lamp proving circuits and can also be made compatible with specific requirements.

Product Specification

Type Aspect Color Dominant Wave Length No. of LEDs Nominal Intensity Intensity Range Viewing Angles (50% peak intensity)
Main RED 630 nm 84 150 Lux 135 Lux - 210 Lux 5° deg H/V
Main YELLOW 595 nm 84 175 Lux 157.5 Lux - 245 Lux 6° deg H/V
Main GREEN 505 nm 32 150 Lux 135 Lux - 210 Lux 8° deg H/V

LED Lighting Units Dispersion

LED Lighting Units Dispersion

Lighting Units Dimensions

Lighting Units Dimensions

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