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Leased Line Modem

Efftronics leased line modem is capable of supporting CCITT/BELL Specification upto 14.4 Kbps. It can support both synchronous and asynchronous data transfer. Modem has inbuilt error correction protocol. Data compression technique helps in improving the line speed upto 57.6Kbps.

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Leased line modem


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Special Features:

  • 2 Wire / 2 Wire Operation
  • Modem Compatibility to V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22
  • Flow Control
  • Error Correction protocol compatible to ITU standard V.42
  • Data Compression Techniques compatible to ITU standard V.42 bis
  • External Line protection to with stand surges in communication line
  • Continuous signal noise ratio and line speed monitoring
  • LEDs and Seven segments display to update
  • Line speed
    • Signal Noise Ratio
    • Connection Status
    • Communication status with DTE
  • Simple dipswitch provision for configuring different settings. (No need of any PC for configuring the modem)
  • DTE interface: RS232(V.24)
  • Local loop back test feature for easy diagnosis
  • Transmitter level adjustment from 0dB to -10.5 dB
  • Receiver sensitivity up to -43dBm
  • Line impedance: 600 ohm
  • Operating voltage: 9-36 V DC
  • Operating temperature : -10 to 70 degrees centigrade
  • Power consumption less than 1 watt
  • Mechanical
    • External modem with enclosure
    • Euro Rack insertable

Based on qty, can be configured for different sizes, operating voltages and DTE interfaces

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    Size: 102 kB