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LED Display Systems

LED Display systems are used to transfer visual information for Mass Communication. Information like Flash News ,ONLINE Production status, Arrivals & Departures, Graphical Presentation, Animated messages and Pictures can be displayed for effective and immediate understanding in LED display boards.


  • Motorola 68k ( 32 bit Processor ) with various peripherals as Central Processing Unit.
  • LED modules contains LEDs arranged in an array with required drivers and data latches for glowing LEDs based on the information.
  • Pitch of the LEDs (distance between the LEDs) varies based on the intensity and the viewing distance .
  • No. of LED module cards arranged to realize the required Size of the DISPLAY SYSTEM.
  • Various Drivers and sub-drivers are used for driving LEDs based on the System size and intensity.
  • Required Hardware interface for Data receiving.

Classification of LED display systems

  • LED Display Systems/Display boards for Day visible and night visible
  • Single, Multi colour and true colour LED display boards
  • Indoor and Outdoor LED display systems


  • GPS and GSM interface
  • Modem interface for obtaining the data from remote place and displaying the same
  • Computer interface
  • PLC interface to LED display output parameters of PLCs
  • Pager interface
  • Data communication exchange interface for multiple LED display systems connectivity etc.


  • Production status, statistics and other information ON LINE
  • Urgent ON LINE Messages for Mass Communication
  • Warning Messages in critical areas like mass production and operating yards
  • Operation Precautions Messages
  • Flight, Train & Bus Departure and Arrival Information
  • Weather Information
  • Electronic Score Boards
  • Animations & Pictures

Multi Lingual Information

  • English with one/more of the regional language an be provided in LED display systems.
  • Supports all Indian languages in LED display boards.

LED Display System for Ocean Status

  • Information regarding the Potential Fishing Zones in the Ocean
  • Data and Messages sent from central server (Hyderabad)
  • Seven segment Modules and SMD LED Matrix
  • Messages displayed in local regional language for better understanding
  • Sea forecast display
  • Warning messages in local languages for Fishermen
  • Voice announcement facility
  • GSM and Dial-up communication
  • Automatic updation of data on the LED display board
  • More than 40 boards installed at prominent coastal areas in India

LED Display Systems for Indian Railways

  • Train arrival and Departure information display in Single & Multi line
  • Server, Data Exchange and Computer interface with application s/w
  • Multi drop networking to connect multiple boards
  • Information in all Regional Languages
  • Other Displys like Master Slave Clocks, Couch Guidence etc.
  • Integrated IVRS, Platform Announcement, LCD TV Display



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LED Token Displays for Passenger Reservation Counters

  • Reservation token number with counter number
  • Window display at counter with running token number.
  • Skipped Token numbers display system
  • Server, Data Exchange and Computer with application s/w interface
  • Multi drop networking
  • Multiple boards connectivity


GPS & GSM Based LED Display system

  • Train/Bus service expected arrival information
  • GPS & GSM interface
  • Train/Bus position read through GPS
  • DATA communication from central server through GSM
  • Expected arrival time from coming stations through GSM


Day Visible LED Display System

  • Information of Production status and Operating Precaution Messages
  • 3nos of 5mm high intensity LEDs (cluster) used for one Pixel
  • 14 LED, 7LED & 3 LED Clusters for a pixel
  • Day visible system for Single, Multi Color
  • Data exchange interface & LAN connectivity
  • Multiple boards connected through out of the yard


Display Systems for Sports Stadia

  • To display the live sports events for indoor games
  • Display of Team Names and corresponding Scores
  • Real Time Clock facility
  • Count down Time display for Time Out and remaining time
  • Message of Winner Team after every Set
  • Computer Interface with Application Software
  • Video Display Boards for Outdoor Stadiums


GPS Based Master Slave Clocks

  • GPS Time Synchronization of the Master Clock
  • Time setting of Slaves at a defined intervals for uniformity
  • Multiple Slaves connected in a wide area
  • Multidrop network connectivity


LED Display System for TV Programs (Quiz)

  • Software and Hardware to handle LIVE TV Game shows with complete user-defined data, interactive results, questions & answers
  • Customised LED Display Boards for the game shows developed and produced Indigenously
  • Import substitute
  • Global Presence: Solar Film Inc OY- Finland, Grupa Televisa-Mexico, Fremantle International-Turkey, Natseven TV Sdn Bhd-Malaysia, Sveriges Television-Sweden, Pearson Television Asia-Indonesia, Venevision - Venezuela, Software Engineering Sinha Will - Switzerland


LED Display system supplied to Hospitals

  • Information with the user defined fields, like, Doctors availability etc.
  • Information in local language
  • Computer with Application s/w interface


LED Display systems for Advertisment

  • Single,Multi,True Color LED display system - Day & Night visible
  • OFF LINE Animated Information
  • ON LINE messages through computer / key board
  • Facility to upload OFF-LINE Animated information
  • Single & Multi Color Clusters for Day Visible
  • Modular Design to achieve customer require sizes
  • Multi windows to display different messages at a time
  • Multi Lingual
  • Auto Time & Temperature & Auto ON/OFF


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