Quality Policy

Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. Shall provide Information Technology Products that does Value creation to customers and exceed their expectations in functionality, usability, reliability, performance, availability, adaptability and supportability.

For this the organization shall establish and review Quality Objectives to focus on

  • Domain expertise and Technology management for building competence
  • Quality improvement
  • Customer Value Creation
  • Human Resource Development
  • Development of Niche Products
  • World class product and process development

Quality Objectives

  • Identification, understanding and effective implementation of technology for development of products / services
  • Achieve Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 3 years
  • Improve Quality in Sigma levels
  • Improve response time to customer requests
  • Education of customers in regard to product / technology applications
  • Increase organizational productivity by 25% every year
  • To train and nurture employees to realize their intrinsic talent and to be a continuous learning organization
  • 50% increase in turn over every year
  • Achieve product life time of 15 years