Signal ahead alert system (SAAS)


Signal ahead alert system (SAAS)

A train engine driver is needed to implement speed restrictions in response to the approaching signals. Driver need to attentively observe for the approaching signal. This will be more strenuous when the visibility is poor due to various seasonal and environmental conditions. A need for a Signal Ahead Alert System is envisaged to aid the driver.

SAAS is an embedded system build on a microcontroller with GPS module. GPS module gives the current geographical position.

Position of all the signal posts in a particular route is programmed in to the device. Once it is programmed then the device is set for the route and need not be programmed until any changes in the signals or its positions in that route.

The embedded handheld system gives audiovisual alerts in ahead of a signal as per the data available with reference to the geographical position continuously being received from GPS module.

Advantages :

  • This system assists the driver by ahead information of signals to have preparedness. Calling attention with audio/visual alarms reduce the chances of missing the signal under poor visibility.
  • The system shall store the speed of the train with Time up to one year
  • The system shall provide Navigation to the nearest Emergency Telephones when requested by the user. This information is very useful to the Driver, In case of any accidents


  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 70 degree centigrade
  • Operating Voltage: 230V AC
  • Rechargeable Battery Backup Time: 10hrs
  • Character LCD: OLED with 128x 64 pixel resolution
  • Data Backup: 1 Year
  • Landmark Data: 2000 route Kms
  • Weight: 400gms
  • IP54 Compliant Box
  • Accuracy of GPS: +/- 10 mts
  • Other Interfaces: Can be interfaced to GSM/GPRS Modem