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Mile Stones

Efftronics started manufacturing a variety of products from the beginning along with building a strong infrastructure. Some of the milestones are depicted here –

All these products are the passengers in the journey of Efftronics and are the parents for our future innovation…

Power Monitoring Software for Railway Signalling 2014
Integrated Power Supply (IPS) interface unit 2014
Solar Street Light 2014
Smart LED lighting controls 2014
Digital Axle Counter Interfacing Unit 2014
Network Time Protocol(NTP) master slave clocks 2014
Indoor Full Color LED video / ANDON Display 2014
Outdoor Full Color LED Video Display 2014
Serial to E1 converter 2013
Fuse Monitoring and Auto changeover system 2012
Safety Point Alarm System 2012
Variable Message Signage for Transportation 2012
LC gate warning system 2011
Leased Line Modem 2011
Destination Display Systems For BUSES 2011
DC Track Circuit & Point Machine Health Monitoring System for Indian Railways 2011
Wireless and solar based Road traffic signals 2011
Train Management System (TMS) for Indian Railways 2010
System Integrity Tester for Indian Railways 2010
LED Lighting 2010
Solid State Block Proving By Axle Counter (Digital) for Indian Railways 2010
Signalling Faults Reporting Software through Short Message Service (SMS) 2009
Multi Monitor Yard Simulation for Indian Railways 2009
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA) for drinking water in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation 2009
Automatic Weather Station 2009
Electrical Energy Information System 2009
LED Based Railway Signal Lamp 2008
Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) Approved GPS based Master Clocks 2008
Battery Health Monitoring System for Railways,Telecom etc. 2008
RDSO Approved Integrated Passenger Information Display System for Indian Railways 2007
Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector (USFD) Data Logger for fault recording in Rail tracks 2006
Wrong Operation Indication System for Indian Railways 2006
Traffic Light Controller with LED Signal Lamps 2005
Point Machine Health Monitoring Unit for Indian Railways 2004
Global Positioning System (GPS) based Station Arrival Indication System in Trains 2003
LED Display of potential Fishing zones for Fisher Men 2003
Battery Monitoring Unit for Malaysian Telecom 2002
Automatic Train Charting software for Control of Train movements 2000
Token Display System for Railway Reservation Complex 1999
Exported Display Systems for TV Game show for FREMANTLE 1998
True Color Display system with multiple processors 1997
RDSO Approval for Signalling Data Logger 1996
Networking of Signalling Data Loggers over multiple Railway Stations 1995
Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for Indian Railways 1995
Signalling Data Logger for Indian Railways 1994
Train Arrival/ Departure information display systems for Indian Railways 1993
Vijayawada Stock Exchange Automation 1992
LED based display systems for VIGNAN BHAVAN, New Delhi 1992
Fuel Filling Automation System for Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) 1991
Time Attendance System 1989
Window based Multi Color Display system 1988
Stand alone Embedded Homeo Computer 1987
LED Based Multi Color Display Board 1986
LED Based Single Color Display Board 1985