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4 SERIAL PORT to E1 Converter

4 Serial port to E1 converter takes data from four different serial ports and converts into single E1 line and vice verse. Equipments like Data logger, RTU’s, PC. etc., can be connected to single E1 network. No. of E1 networks used will be decreased by using this device because at a time data coming from 4 equipments can be routed to single E1 line. Supports up to 30dB attenuation and distance up to 1.5km.

User selectable test modes are used for both line and converter checking. BERT switch activates Pseudo random pattern for complete end to end testing and ERR LED indicates for certain count of errors.

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  • Complies with ITU G.703,G.704 Standards
  • Supports Unframed and Framed E1
  • Supports Internal and recovery clock
  • User selectable CRC Enable/Disable option
  • 4 serial ports with user selectable baud rates
  • Inbuilt BERT tester
  • Supports loop back tests for diagnostic purpose
  • Indications for displaying the status of the unit
  • Supports 120Ω /75Ω E1 interface
  • Jitter attenuator complies with ITU G.823 standard
  • Supports up to 30dB attenuation
  • AC or DC power


E1 Interface

Line rate 2.048Mbps
Line Coding HDB3
Interface E1 Interface as per ITU G.703 standard
CRC User selectable  CRC enable/disable option
Impedance 120Ω (Balanced) , 75Ω(Unbalanced)
Clock Internal clock or E1 recovered clock
Jitter Attenuator As per ITU G.823 standard
Connector RJ45 (Balanced) , BNC (Unbalanced) for standalone model Euro connector terminations for Rack model

232 Interface

Line speed Up to 115200bps
Connector 15 Pin Female D-Connector (All 4 Serial ports will be terminated at 15 pin connector)
ESD Protection 15KV

Test Modes

LLB Local loop Back
RLB Remote loop Back
BERT Pseudo random test pattern generation with TEST & ERR indications


PWR Power Indication
HEALTH Indicates system Health
E1_SYNC  Network Link
E1_LINK  Indicates link between two 4serial to E1 converter
U1_TD UART1 Data Transmit Indication
U1_RD UART1 Data Receive Indication
U2_TD UART2 Data Transmit Indication
U2_RD UART2 Data Receive Indication
U3_TD UART3 Data Transmit Indication
U3_RD UART3 Data Receive Indication
U4_TD UART4 Data Transmit Indication
U4_RD UART4 Data Receive Indication
TEST Test Indication
ERR BERT error indication

Power Supply

DC SUPPLY (9-36)V DC Supply
AC SUPPLY  230V AC, 50Hz


-5 to 70 Degree centigrade


230mm(L) X 119mm (W) X 35mm(H)


4 SERIAL PORT to E1 Converter